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12 2013

Tudo de cor para Fortaleza

The Igreja Matriz is considered one of the most traditional buildings in the city. It's also one of the oldest buildings, built over 112 years ago.  It has hosted most of the baptisms and wedding ceremonies of Fortaleza. It represents a daily meeting point of faith, brotherhood and harmony. Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio is known throughout the State for attending all the requests from its devotees. Due to it's central location, around 5,000 people pass by the church every year.

12 2013

Tudo de cor para Belo Horizonte

The project involved painting of the viaduct and the 2-kilometer long wall located on Andradas Avenue in Esplanada. The purpose was to make the environment more beautiful and pleasant, allowing the community to claim ownership of the work and thus conserve it. The space will also receive information about safety, promoting a better harmony between the community and the railway line.

12 2013

Renewing schools across the UK

Up there with those who engage most with the transformational power of colour, children are near the top of this list. 30 schools were chosen this year out of over 100 applicants to bring colour to their hallways, display proud murals and invigorate their learning environments as part of the Let's Colour Project UK.

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