08 2016


The project 'Cidade que brinca' is an educational platform based on playful activities whose objective is to build circuits, activities and outdoor games and thus make the city more human, walkable, healthy, safe and more joyful for everyone.  It makes interventions in public spaces in São Paulo always focusing on children and fun.  Among these interventions are playful circuits with games on sidewalks and urban facilities, taskforces to paint texts, cartoons and drawing from kids reproduced on façades of houses, stickers with the kids' drawings to be placed on garbage cans, landscaping, etc.

08 2016

Poetry in Colors - Lourenço Pinto Street

The Let's Color - Poesia em Cores (Poetry in Color) aims to color walls in the city of Curitiba with graffiti and poetry signed by several different artisits.  This is the first time the project "Let’s Colour" brings together art, poetry and revitalization. 

08 2016

Tudo de cor para Rio de Janeiro

  The favela Santa Marta, in Rio, as many favelas in Brazil, have few sports and leisure options to its aprox. 8k dwellers. Rio was in the eve of the Olympics and it was a perfect time to bring different sports closer to children – only used to playing soccer. The favela has narrow streets and squares. They were chosen to be transformed, through painting, in sports courts, close to children.

08 2016

Anhumas and Tanquinho - Train Station

The partnership between Tintas Coral, Cofert, Campinas City Hall, ABPF (Brazilian Association of Railway Preservation - OSCIP) and CONDEPACC (Campinas's Council of Cultural Heritage) held another Tudo de cor project in Campinas.  This time they recovered the railway stations Anhumas and Tanquinho from the steam locomotive system. The original colors brought back the charm of the 1920s.  Chitãozinho and Xororó, patrons of the project, joined in the painting ceremony, which took place on August 3rd.

08 2016

Unexpected Courts - Launching ceremony with Guga - Tennis Court

The tenth "Unexpected Court" was delivered and Gustavo Kuerten (a.k.a. Guga), patron of the project and three-times champion of Roland Garros, took part of the action.  The athlete also drew his traditional heart and gave a tennis lesson.

07 2016

Project Grafiterritorios - ZN LOVERS

Walls and facades in Santana neighborhood were beautified by the collective ZN Lovers.  With the support of Coral's project Tudo de cor, eight graffiti artists added colors and transformed the area where some of them were born and raised.