06 2012

Jia Shian Riverside

The small town of Jia Shian has been the victim of two serious typhoons. The damage was extensive throughout the city. Due to the natural disasters, the city lost tourists, happiness and their pride as everything was destroyed.

06 2012

S Ma Shien Tribe

S Ma Shien is an aborigine tribe village near the city of Miao Li. Due to natural disasters, the tribe had to move from their original village. The government promised to re-build the village, due to budget issues however, no progress was made.

03 2012

Colourful mural for school of intellectual disability

The Jockey Club Hong Chi School, which belongs to Hong Chi Association, is a special school for children with moderate-level intellectual disability. For its 30th anniversary, Dulux specially sponsored the school with exterior wall paints. This has realised the hopes of the Principal, Mr Ng Tak Fu, and the teaching staff: to create a colourful school that gives students a more vibrant learning environment.

01 2012

Canossa School jigsaws into new colours

This year is the 60th anniversary of Canossa School. In Chinese culture the 60th year is significant as it represents harmony and unity. These two beliefs were the central ideas behind the redecoration of the school.

09 2011

The Let's Colour project helped a poor girl to chase her dream

A girl, born into a poor family in Xi'An, was given the gift of colour by the Let's Colour project. Her parents both worked long hours on small salaries and weren't able to afford the decorating that was needed to their home so the Let's Colour project were more than happy to help. 

09 2011

The Lengshuijiang dam is injected with colour

The dam in Lengshuijiang has long been an eye saw on the landscape, with flood protection its only purpose, but this was about to change. The Let's Colour project added colour to the dam and turned it into a place for people to gather and be proud of.