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26 November 2017

Let’s Colour Walls of Connection in Badshahpur, Gurgaon, India

AkzoNobel and Dulux donated the paint for coloring the walls in AkzoNobel CRS school in India.

India, Badshahpur, Gurgaon

AkzoNobel and Dulux donated the paint for coloring the walls in this AkzoNobel CSR school in India. This was the 100th mural created as part of the Let’s Colour Walls of Connection project, thus achieving the goal set for 2017.

The event took place in the CSR school which was named “parivartan” (meaning “change”), because the project transformed the lives of more than 5,000 children by getting them back to school and ensuring they continue their education and improve their grades. Also, Gurgaon provides education for children from unprivileged backgrounds.

The value of education

The idea of the design was to show the magic and beauty that knowledge can provide us with. The murals were inspired by the Indian culture and the appreciation for education and wisdom that students hopefully reach within the walls of their school. The artist Rashmil Vaidya aimed to promote creative learning through his designs and artworks.

The event included different activities. Students, teachers, AkzoNobel employees and volunteers worked together to give a new face to the walls. Besides painting, the event also included planting, dancing and talent show workshops for the participants to enjoy.

Through this action, we showed the kids that studying is a constant and exciting process, full of color, joy and adventure. The impact of this event goes beyond the fact that this is a CSR AkzoNobel school, into it becoming an example school, which now includes color, vibrancy and interaction in many dimensions.

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Let's Colour Walls of Connection

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