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Transforming Communities

Through our Let’s Colour community programs we are developing & supporting projects which add color to people’s lives and transform communities – all across the world.

Let's Colour Walls of Connection

We have joined forces with MasterPeace to inspire and energize cities around the world, and make them a little more "human". The walls that were once a symbol of separation now become tools for inspiration which connect people and communities.

SOS Children's Villages partnership

We have partnered with SOS Children's Villages to use education and renovation to drive a positive impact on the issue of youth unemployment. The partnership aims to reach the young people of SOS Children's Villages with our professional training through AkzoNobel's painter academies.

Unexpected Courts

Transforming underused urban location into sporting courts, just by adding a splash of paint. The program was launched in the famous Santa Marta favela in Rio de Janeiro and soon was spread all over the city.

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Upcoming events

05 October 2017 United Kingdom, London Borough of Southwark
This event is a part of:

Let's Colour Walls of Connection

Unity through collaborative painting in the heart of Central London

Distinguished artist Siddiqa Jumas will bring together people from different ethnic and religious groups and co-create an English meadow on a wall in the London Borough of Southwark. While members of the public will be painting their own flowers, the overriding message is that we are stronger as a united society, even where people have sought to divide.

07 October 2017 Indonesia, Kampung Kecil, Jakarta
This event is a part of:

Let's Colour Walls of Connection

Community arts event for women of Kampung Kecil in Jakarta

Micro Galleries will bring together international- and local artists and women of local kampung in Jakarta for a painting event. Aim is to focus on female empowerment and the significant role of women within the kampungs and giving them a canvas and paint to raise voice and claim their presence in the society.

10 October 2017 Denmark, Holstebro
This event is a part of:

Let's Colour Walls of Connection

Integration refugees in Danish community

Brumleby, a center for children in the multi-ethnic district of Holstebro, aims to contribute to the well-being of refugee children. A Let’s Colour event at the center will help facilitate the interaction between the refugees and local residents and increase cultural awareness, inclusion and tolerance in the area, also known as a “Clean city ghetto”.

23 October 2017 Sri Lanka, Ratnapura District
This event is a part of:

Let's Colour Walls of Connection

Adding colour to Kajugaswatta Central College in Sri Lanka

The students and the local community of Kajugaswatta Central College aim to bring more color and hope into their surroundings after serious floods in Ratnapura. Youth from different religious groups will together paint a wall to build friendship and tolerance between themselves overcoming the feud from the past.

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